Password Manager Deluxe

Protect your private information. Let Password Manager Deluxe keep
your passwords safe.

For:         Windows
 Full Version: US $19.95

Password Manager by Kristanix Software

Keep your private information safe with Password Manager Deluxe!

Don't rely on unsecure post-it notes or text files to store your private information! Criminals are everywhere, and today, it is more important than ever to keep sensitive information safe. Password Manager Deluxe provides that safety in one easy solution!

With Password Manager Deluxe, you can keep all your passwords, pin-codes, account numbers etc. safe, and in one place. You never have to remember a password or code again, and you never have to worry about hackers getting hold of them!

Password Manager Deluxe is rock solid. Your information will be protected using the strong U.S. government approved 256-bit AES/Rijndael encryption. Keeping sensitive data safe, is the most important choice you should make! Secure your future today, for only $19.95.


  • Only one password to remember. Your master password locks your password database. That's all you have to remember.
  • Safe, quick storage and easy retrieval of usernames, passwords, files and other information.
  • Add files to your database, and Password Manager Deluxe will encrypt them.
  • Copy your database to USB memory sticks, floppy disks and more, and you can securely access it on your other computers as well.
  • Includes a password generator you can use to generate secure passwords with ease.
  • And more!
Kristanix Software Money-Back Guarantee

"Password Manager really is a great tool when I need to store or retrieve passwords!"
- Frode Sønstebø, Norway

"Good product and outstanding customer support made me go for this!"
- Scott Berkey, USA

"I was looking for a method to keep up with the multitude of passwords I need today and finally found this!"
- Brandon Warren, Canada

"I really like the easy way of searching for entries!"
- Lynda Douglas, USA